Cab Ticket Management System

Tickets Management System – New Release has released a new module  named: Ticket Management system.  Being an average cab owner company with as little as 100 medallions may receives over 100 tickets in a day.  This count is defiantly bringing a lot of work to tale as these tickets continue to pileup… Here takes charge with its exclusive and easy to handle online ticket management system for cab owners.  This system would not only enable you to manage tickets effectively, but this system automatically show payment days, court days etc… on company calendar. Hence it would also minimize the chances of missing the all-important tickets hearing dates.
How Tickets Management System Works?
This new addition to fleet management system for cab owner helps to manage their dockets and tickets efficiently.  Whenever cab owner will receive a ticket from BCPD or CPD they can enter all the information along with scan copy of ticket and easily assign to responsible attorneys of their company. Once the court hearing is done, attorneys can login to and update the status and attached the paper work from court. In case of parking tickets, speeding tickets and red light ticket, such tickets can be transfer to city. All you need to do is just enter the ticket information and will generate all the required papers such as leases, ticket transfer from (pre-filled) etc.
About offers a platform for cab companies and chauffeurs . It establishes strong connection between the cab owners and chauffeurs through its various exclusive management system modules. Over the past decades   cab leasing business  has been growing rapidly and felt that this industry has never been taken the advancement like other industries took from the digital world. Most cab companies are still handling their business in a traditional manner and using the old school setup. has introduced lease and fleet management system that offers great feature such as lead generation, payment management,  scheduling, ticketing, sms alert and more.  The most interesting thing to know about that you don’t need to prepares things again and again. Once you enter the initial data to its lease and fleet management system you are good to go…. To know more about simply, log on to our website.


SMS Alert Service by has established with a strong mission to offer cab owners an efficient and user-friendly Lease and Fleet Management System. This will enable them to get rid from old school ways of leasing cabs.  We have recently launched an SMS alert service for iBuggie Lease and Fleet Management System. This service will enable cab owners to send cab inspection SMS to drivers which means if your cab is on its way with the assigned driver, he/she will be notified about the cab’s inspection appointment time and location. Hence, your cab will not miss any of the appointments and service schedules.

You can also get this SMS alert service customized according to your company policy and cab maintenance calendar.  Don’t you think it sounds great? Contact to get your cab company register today and say good-bye to the old method of doing cab Lease and Fleet Management System. Besides SMS alert services, Lease and Fleet Management system offers other advance features like Calendar, My Medallions, My Lease, My Rate, My tickets, My Corporations, Chauffer Validation, My Location, Message Board, Occupancy Report and My Users.

All these advanced features make a perfect platform to offer Lease and Fleet Management system for professional cab companies like yours. Hurry up! And get your company registered with and start managing your cab business in an easy and efficient way with Lease and Fleet Management system.

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How to become Cab Driver in Chicago

To become a cab driver in Chicago it’s mandatory to get public chauffeur license from Chicago Business Affairs and Consumer Protection Department. If you drive taxicabs, livery vehicles or any other public transport without the proper driving license you may lead to serious consequence such as violation of law. shares useful information and links that will take you to the right track to get proper cab driving license or you may get all the important detail at City of Chicago help desk.

It’s not difficult to become a cab driver in the city of Chicago.  Following are the preliminary requirements that are needed to operate Chicago public transports:

  1. Minimum age requirement is 21 years old
  2. You are required to get training from Training Institute of Public Chauffeur
  3. You should meet the course completion criteria
  4. You are required to pass the written test, a physical test and a criminal record check
  5. Go through to the Public Chauffeurs License Application Checklist; here you will find all the requirements and steps that must needed to get Public Chauffeur License

Where to Apply for Cab Driver License in Chicago?

Following we have listed the application documents and necessary information that will help you to get to become a cab driver in Chicago. Just download the required application documents listed below and submit them in person at the following address:

Public Vehicle Operations Facility
Public Chauffeur Licensing Section
Public Vehicle/Medallion Licensing Section
City of Chicago Cashiering Station
2350 W. Ogden Ave., First Floor, Chicago, IL

Important Guidelines for application and documents submission at Chicago Pubic Vehicle Operation Facility

To avoid delay in processing your application please use the following guidelines

  • New chauffeur license application must be submitted at the help desk prior to 11:30 a.m.
  • Chauffeur licensee who don’t have scheduled appointment should check in at the help desk prior to 2:00 p.m.
  • Medallion / Public Vehicle licensee without appointment mush report to the help desk prior to 3:00 p.m.
  • For those who have an appointment may walk in any time prior to appointment.
  • For public safety you may found front door locked only if, facility is full by people according to allowable building capacity.

Links to Download Application and forms

Following are quick links; from where you can download Application for new cab driver, renewal chauffeur license application and access to other important information:

New Chauffeur License Application
Renewal Chauffeur License Application
Training Institute Information
Rules and Regulations for Public Chauffeur

For more information about how to become a cab driver in Chicago you can call or simply visit Chicago Public Vehicle Operation Facility.