About Us is a online taxi booking service that provides a web-interface between taxi operator companies and taxi drivers. We deal with different taxi-cab owners and taxi drivers provide the services, ensure a real-time availability and dispatch of cabs as booking comes in.

What we provide

what we provide

As most taxi firm operators are accustomed to working using phone and paper, we ensure that the transformation journey they are going to take to move to a web based booking system is smooth and friendly. also provides service to maintain and manage taxi with ease, by providing them an interface to log common taxi operating functions, such as lease renew, vehicle inspection, renewal notifications e.t.c. also allows taxi-cab owners and drivers to control ground travel costs with electronic booking, payment, and expense management for taxi services.


Security for Our Customers

Protecting your personal information requires a relationship between you and the while we take great care to securely safeguard your information. In today's world security of system plays an important role so we provide our web users complete peace of mind with our Premium Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate that absolutely assure our customers that their credit card numbers and personal information will be kept safe from interception.


Customer Service constantly strives to make online booking experience exquisite for our customers by providing good quality customer service. We have highly reputable agents available when our customers need help regarding booking, lease and registration etc.

You can call us at (773) 273.9855, M-F 9am-5pm EST

Who we are

Who we are

Founded by a team of technology experts with a vast experience in building services and enterprise solutions, the people at believe in providing a simpler, user-friendly, robust application capable of managing high transaction volumes. We constantly monitor and adapt to new technologies that emerge in the field of taxi-booking.